I’m a podcast guy

I’m a podcast guy

I’m a podcast guy. After being a part of this industry for the last five years and over six different podcasts I can’t see it stopping soon. It’s in my blood.

It’s no wonder I’ve been fascinated with spoken work. Talk back radio was an such an integral part of life growing up. Lunch at Nan’s house always brings up the same memories – blue linoleum floors, multi-grain bread in the middle of the table, and the sounds of 4BC Talk Radio. Breakfast was porridge, copious amounts of tea, and ABC radio. When John Laws came on, it was time to wash dishes.

My brother and I had our childhood differences – he loved Star Wars with it’s by the hip action whereas I was that Star Trek guy already trying to live pragmatically. But we both were in love with Radio. The family radio, a white Casio tape deck, became our radio studio. The same tape rewritten time after time with our best radio voices and pushing of agendas, thoughts, and comedy.

The thoughts of a young boy dreaming about hosting his own radio program and talking to the people about their points of view on all things grand or small faded in time. They weren’t realistic for anyone from a working class family from the North of Brisbane. Those jobs were for the lords of radio, the men in pinstripe suits who came from money. I started listening to FM radio aware that it didn’t stir my heart like talk-back.

In 1997, I was scanning through the channels after another dreadful talk break, and ran into something which would ignite the creative passion again. It was on the car trip home from school when heard the voices of Tony Martin and Mick Molloy and couldn’t stop listening. The family went inside and I sat in the car until the show was over.

Martin Molloy was talking from the other end of society, there was no suit wearing in their studio. They were black jean, beanie wearing subversives who were self-aware, self-referential, razor sharp, and delightfully low-brow. Mick was my attitude inspiration and Tony inspired my search of wit in the ordinary.
And that inspiration still continues today. When I spent minutes discussing the architecture of the Hoke house in a Twilight review on Netflix Queue, I was channeling these two.

And that’s why I’m in love with the audio only form. Ideas and inspiration have lasted me a lifetime. If one person remembers something I’ve done or said in a podcast and it stays with them, podcasting has been a worthwhile pursuit.

Thank You All

Reaction Podcast was always going to be the passion project. Beau and I would talk about podcasts for hours on end and it was a natural progression to start recording. It wasn’t our first rodeo – listeners to the show are aware of the mythology behind both Diegan Squared and Film In A Pod. But producing the show felt fresh. It made podcasting feel new again.

The podcast was more for us than anybody else and that’s probably what has led us to our current position. The truth is that our passion for podcasts hasn’t changed a bit, but our desire to share our thoughts on them through audio is a different story. Making RP has become a chore. And that’s not the way it should be.

Is this in part because of what we’re doing over at Netflix Queue? Perhaps. It’s a nicer experience when you’re not concerned about filtering your thoughts, even if they do come from a good place. We had a few people frustrated by our one criticism while ignoring all the good in what we had to say otherwise. It threw off their game, and in turn, ours.

And we always have been (and always will be) about celebrating podcasts. We love the two-guys-and-a-mic, the indie meta podcast, and leviathans like Maron, and even the radio with a little something extra.

What does this all mean? We’re gracefully removing ourselves from the audio component of Reaction Podcast. We have our back catalogue if we ever want to use it, but for the moment, it won’t be accessible. From here, we’re going to make a few blog posts here and there. There’s no guaranteed schedule and we like it that way.

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